Spur (Frank Musch; born 1973) is a musician who shares the love for experimental music. He took music lessons by the age of 19 and learned to play several instruments, including guitar and bass guitar.

In 1995, influenced by the re-releases of classic industrial tunes, Spur recorded his first piece of 'music': a 20-minute long sound collage, guiding the listener through a apocalyptic audio landscape. Many recordings would follow, until the summer of 1996, when he released his first cassette: 'Selected Intuition Works'. Still hanging on to that industrial sound, the three tracks on that cassette share the raw, unpleasant drill.

In 1997, the second cassette was released: 'Grazest Hits'. Now drum 'n' bass was also a part of the dictionairy. While still experimental, the sound proved to be more accessible now. Even 'The Adventures Of The Consumed Cheeseburger' could have that commercial touch.

As performances were mainly try-outs and occasional shows at the Uitmarkt in Hellevoetsluis, Spur kept working on his definition of sound. Intense listening to especially Mark Stewart & the Mafia and Death in Vegas distilled his ideas for sound creation and innovation. That process lead to the mini album 'Drinkfist Refreshing' (released 1999), an album that is the foretaste of a personal defined sound. However, Drinkfist proves not to be that brilliant. But as said: The best has yet to come. And that might be Blasthead (2002). This is an album which is the ultimate flow to a awesome trip of noise, energy, funk and ambient.

The impact of 'Blasthead' appeared to be more effective, with first success in Japan and airplay on French Radio. Spur has also remixed a track form Melojustice and has made a video that has been shown on ETV in Rotterdam.
By this time the nickname Spur was replaced by DJ Wesper Laguêpe, as Spur focused more on electronic dance music, and needed a nickname for this genre.
In 2007, Wesper collaborated with some musical friends to achieve the reincarnation of Eendrachtspop, a pop festival that used to be held in Rotterdam in the late 1980s.
In October 2007, he co-organised the crossover night Rockterdance in the Exit in Rotterdam, a night that featured Mental Youth, Melojustice, Monokino and DJ Wesper. Another successful edition of Eendrachtspop was held in april 2008. Wesper also produced a second videoduring the year 2008. The video featured some well-known dutch models.

DJ Wesper Laguepe's performances have mainly been held at small venues, such as DJ Cafe Bootleg in Rotterdam and DJ Cafe Vaaghuyzen in Amsterdam, where he celebrated his 35th birthday along with DJ's from the Champagnoise DJ collective. In 2009, it was time to hit the road in France, with a performance at Prun FM in Nantes. A performance which provoked a lot of enthousiasm.. It was also the year of a first release through a netlabel, the "Oosmos Factory EP" through Load & Clear.

2010 was the year for a series of nights called the "Origin Park Annual Meetings", in which DJ Wesper teamed up with some local talents, but also some talented well-known DJs from the scene, such as DJ Unu from France and electro producer and performer Zoe Xenia. Also that year, Wesper produced a new video, inspired by pop star Bryan Ferry and again some great models participate in the video for a electro-funk style track.
In 2011, DJ Wesper performed again in Nantes, France, not only at Prun FM, but also his very first club gig in "Le Remorqueur" in the city harbour. Gigs at the Bootleg continued throughout 2011, now entitled "Origin Park Cortisol Concept". Also, two videos have been accomplished and appear on Wesper's Youtube channel, including an experimental ballad.

2012 has been a booming year: Wesper released another two EPs on the Morninglory label, entitled Vitamin Treasury and Uxem EP. Also, Wesper performed at Cafe d'Anvers, XT3 Radio in Amsterdam and performed at the embassy of Sri Lanka in The Hague. But the ultimate achievement has been the very first DJ Wesper performance at the Amsterdam Dance Event. Origin Park DJ nights also continued under the "Origin Park Telson Collectors" moniker, with performances in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, this time in four editions. Beside musical business, Wesper also took the time to write his first movie scripts.
A new music video for "Saturday Bass Shuffle" was released January 2013,just before Wesper and Sooi from Morninglory Music took a trip to Sri Lanka to perform at two festivals: the Ruskin Island 2-hour festival, as well as the Blackout festival in Unawatuna, near Galle in the south. This as part of the Sri Lanka Convergence, a project to gather ideas and inspiration from the dutch and sri lankan dance scene. Back in the Netherlands, a performance at Tramonto has been scheduled by the end of May.

In 2014, DJ Wesper's music has been broadcasted on Pulse Radio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later that year he completed another self-composed set for DNA Radio, also based in Buenos Aires. And where Morninglory took it to a higher stage, the label made an appearance at the Amsterdam Dance Event in October of that year. Many talented DJ's participated on this labelnight, including DJ Wesper. After this event, Wesper worked on another video for a new disco-orientated track. In November, he will make his first appearance in Lille in France. He also launched a video filmed in the french city of Dunkerque, which has been received with enthusiasm by the Dunkerque Tourist Board

The year 2015 is one of realising more videos and a new musical direction: ambient. Wesper released the Silencieux EP on Morningglory Ambient label. Also another broadcast in Agentina will take place in mid summer, as well as a broadcast on Midnight Express FM. A unique project has been set up: a furious drum'n'bass track combined with football supporters chants from french club USL Dunkerque has been be composed.After some delay, the video for "Silent Eyes" has been released.

In January 2016, the Zvirblis Sphere Bliss EP has been released, containing the music from the Silent Eyes video, as well as W25b , music from Wesper's first video from 2005. Several DJs have remixed Silent Eyes, leading to a release of the Silent Eyes Remix EP. Wesper also contributed to the Morninglory jubilee mix (W494) and a brand new track ("On Butterfly Wings" for a jubilee mix CD, which has been released in a very limited edition. On the video front, Wesper directed videos for all remixes from Silent Eyes, which was released in November 2016. Beside that, several other videos have been realised, including a promotional video for the french city of Dunkirk.